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Most workers on zero-hour contracts earn less than ‘living wage’: TUC

A majority of workers on zero-hour contracts earn less than the living wage, according to a fresh report by Trades Union Congress (TUC).

The TUC report, which surfaced ahead of release of official data, claimed that nearly three out of every five people (60 per cent) working on a zero-hours contract outside London are being paid less than the living wage of £7.65 per hour.

MPs to interrogate Vince Cable over Royal Mail

Business Secretary Vince Cable is facing another bombardment of questions by fellow MPs over the controversial privatisation of 500-year-old Royal Mail.

Govt. to force firms to list their true owners on public register

As part of its efforts to discourage tax evasion and money-laundering, the British Government will make it binding for companies to list their true owners on a public register.

Business Secretary Vince Cable said that forcing companies to list their true owners on a public register, which could be used by tax authorities, would help a lot in tackling the "darker" side of capitalism.

Vince Cable Plans to Tackle Rogue Directors

Vince Cable the Business Secretary is going to get tough with the rouge directors and would make sure that 'toughest possible sanctions' are faced by then in case if any wrong doings. These reckless company directors might have to pay compensations to the victims for their enterprises having failed to keep up with the promises they made.

Vince Cable Plans to Clear Out ‘Rogue Directors'

Vince Cable, the business secretary said that in an effort to control "rogue directors", people who have been found guilty of commercial crimes abroad may be banned from heading firms in the UK.

Vince Cable Not Likely to Resign

Vince Cable spewed venom at the capitalists, while speaking in a conference of Anglo-Germans. The Business Secretary of the Liberal Democrats was all arms against capitalists, by calling them gamblers of the city.

The statements made by Cable, have led to an angry reaction from all corners of the capitalist word. The previous Chief of the Confederation of British Industry, Digby Jones commented that Mr. Vince Cable was out of his sane mind and shouldn’t be raising such astounding accusations.

Vince Cable Speaks Against Capitalism in Lib Dem Conference

At the Lib Dem conference, Vince Cable declined to apologize for his criticism to the undue bank bonuses paid to "spivs and gamblers". Along with laying emphasis on the importance of private enterprise for the sustenance of economic recovery, he ridiculed the capitalism that snubs competition.

Last month, the announcement for the privatization of the Royal Mail was made. At the conference, he declared to offer 10% of the concern's shares to the staff of Royal Mail and termed it as the largest employee share scheme for
25 years.

The New Plan is not Damaging, Says Spokesman of the Prime Minister

There had been huge concerns following the Britain's business world and the limitations that have been put on the Companies for the recruitment from non-EU countries.

A decision therefore has been made by the Government to put a permanent cap from April so that the Companies can have a more supple approach. The Prime Minister's Spokesman, Mr. Cable said that he was very sure than thee plans would not pose any danger.

According to this new plan, the European Union law will now restrict the entry of migrants from most of Europe, which earlier was not blocked.

CWU All Set For Fight against Privatization of Royal Mail

The Government’s plan of privatization of the Royal Mail had triggered resentment in its employees.

The Communication Workers Union has identified the 71 MPs having smallest majority and has listed them all.

In a major and a very strange move in itself, the union has mobilized the local people to convince their MP’s either to vote against privatization else be ready for the defeat in the coming elections.

An 84-page dossier seen in Daily Mail carries the list of all MP’s along with their contact numbers and CVs.

Vince Cable warns of shrinking funds for science research

Britain’s Business Secretary Vince Cable confirmed that the coalition government has plans to slash science funding; however, he didn’t indicate the size of the potential cuts.

In his first speech on science at Queen Mary University, London, Mr. Cable said scientific performance should not be estimated by the financial aid given by the government.

Addressing an audience of senior scientists, Mr. Cable said, “Money is important both for the quantity and quality. But it is an input, not an output, measure. The question I have to address is can we achieve more with less."


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