Health Minister Failed to Launch Vaccination Awareness Campaign

The couple, Toni and Dave McCaffery blamed the Federal Health Minister for losing their daughter Dana, who succumbed to death due to the lack of vaccination for whooping cough.

They argued that when their daughter was born, they were not given any warning against the disease, though the notification rate regarding the same was seven times more than the previous year.

The parents expressed that they lost their daughter, as they were not aware of immunization. They further added that Nicola Roxon had promised them 12 months ago to initiate a national plan by the end of 2009 that would aid the awareness regarding vaccination.

The couple is habitant of NSW North Coast, where vaccination rates are lower. After they lost their daughter last year, they have been requesting the Government for launching an immunization education campaign.

They were promised by three consecutive NSW Health Ministers and Nicola Roxon to commence a vaccination awareness campaign in last September, but nothing has been commenced, till now.

As stated by Ken McLeod, he filed one complaint against Australian Vaccination Network to the Healthcare Complaints Commission. He also added that the campaign would come into effect after the market research gets completed. The situation demands the assistance of Government and Health Ministers.

When Lateline discovered that AVN has been allocating incorrect information about vaccination to the parents, a warning was issued to AVN by HCCC.