Digital Extremes may come up with The Darkness 2

A CV from texture artist Emmanuel Pappas of Digital Extremes listed Darkness 2 as a project, in a move which generated rumors that the maker of Dark Sector would bring a sequel to The Darkness.

The artists claimed in the CV that he worked at Canadian studio Digital Extremes and has been involved with The Darkness 2 project as a texture, prop and environment artist.

Digital Extremes have already worked on developed several Unreal and Unreal Tournament games plus Pariah and Dark Sector. Company’s most recent works include BioShock which was released on the PlayStation 3.

The original Darkness game was a first person shooter developed by Chronicles of Riddick Starbreeze Studios, who faced staff exodus, and now reportedly working on a reboot of Syndicate for EA.

The original title was released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2007.