Marijuana Is Now Legal in Washington D.C.

After the Congress passed a D. C Council bill, it meant that medical marijuana is now legal in Washington D. C. It also means that many people who are suffering from chronic problems will be able to get the same for medicinal purposes.

It was revealed by Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton that the bill was passed and it was not opposed by the House or the Senate. The D. C. Council bill was approved in the month of May and according to the rules, the Congress had 30 days to review the bill.

Even though, the bill faced some criticism from a handful of people, many in the D. C. Council feel that several people living in the city could benefit from medical marijuana, as it is useful for people suffering from chronic problems.

Health experts have also welcomed this decision and they feel that it will bring relief to a lot of people who now have to take a lot of medicines and also deal with various side effects of these medicines.

But, it will still take a lot of time before people will be able to purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and the Department of Health need to first form various guidelines and rules regarding the eligibility for opening a dispensary.

It will also mean that people who are suffering from cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS and other chronic ailments will be allowed to possess four ounces of medical marijuana.