Government to Reconsider Ban on Tobacco

Research reveals that young people are influenced by the point-of-sale advertising of tobacco. The study was published in the journal Health Promotion Practice and was carried out by scientists from the University of Stirling.

The study has revealed that children find such ads attractive and thought that it is easy to purchase tobacco.

The Government is planning to reconsider an impending ban on tobacco displays in retail stores. The Association of Convenience Stores is happy with the Government's decision of reviewing the ban.

The tobacco retailers have also cautioned the Government that huge costs will be incurred in the implementation of the new reforms. The cost is estimated to be around £1,800 per shop.

The Government also framed certain guidelines for tobacco shops in 2010. These regulations prohibited the shop owners to openly display the ads, which promoted the usage of tobacco.

Presently, these regulations make it mandatory for large shop owners to abide by the rules from October 2011, whereas for small shop owners the date is October 2013.

James Lowman, Chief Executive of ACS, is of the view that if the ban is cancelled, then it would be good for the small retailers.