Race for Life Kicks off at Cardiff City Centre

The breast cancer fundraiser event, Race for Life, has begun in the current season, involving more than 8,000 females from all age groups.

The ladies wearing pink outfits were seen running for raising funds for Cancer Research UK, yesterday, after gathering at Cardiff City Centre’s Bute Park.

They ran across a 5k metre course. The participants were all coming from different walks of life. The Women from the Cardiff Bay Ladies’ Netball Club were seen running in green dresses.

Beth Workman, a 29-year-old woman, was the first one to have crossed the final line within 21 minutes and 30 seconds after the race begun.

She said: “I came second in last year’s race, so it feels great to be the front runner this year. It’s also a bit of a personal fitness challenge.”

In addition, Siobhan Corria, a social worker from Llandaff North, Claire Moseley, a change coordinator from Tremorfa, Cardiff and Sarah Pellow, 30, an arts manager, from Canton, said that the event was a great endeavour and it motivated them.

Sisters Katie, Rachel and Vicky Eveleigh from Heath Cardiff said that they participated for paying tribute to a family friend who lost her life due to breast cancer.