Authorities Drop Charges Against Gizmodo

Authorities in California have agreed to work with Gizmodo and have also dropped charges against the Company, in a case related to a missing prototype of Apple iPhone. It has also ensured that the judge has agreed to drop charges against Gizmodo in this case. The material that was confiscated from Gizmodo Editor Jason Chen that includes computers, hard drives, and other electronic devices will also be returned by the authorities.

A case was registered against Gizmodo and its editor Jason Chen, after Apple accused Gizmodo of using illegal methods of obtaining a prototype of Apple iPhone.

Gizmodo countered this and stressed that it had paid to receive the handset from an Apple employee. A lot of controversy was generated over this issue and it also lead to a raid on the home of Gizmodo Editor Jason Chen and the seizure of electronic equipment.

These actions were also criticized severely by a lot of industry experts and privacy advocates, who stressed that it was an attack on the freedom of the press and Apple was also criticized severely for initiating this controversy.

Gizmodo will now be working jointly with the authorities to resolve this case. It is still not clear if Gizmodo will be taking any further action against the authorities for their actions.