Study Claims Cow’s Milk Shields Infants from Allergies

The latest research from the Tel Aviv University (TAU), Israel claims that by feeding cow’s milk to newborns for the initial 15 days after their birth, provides a shield to the babies from various allergies.

The shield provided, works for the babies at the later stages in life.

The new study discovered that the milk of the cow safeguards the infants from Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA). The allergy is believed to cause rashes on the skin and respiratory concerns in the babies. Also, the child may succumb to shock and death; however, the same is witnessed in exceptional cases.

The study conducted by the researchers observed the feeding history of 13,019 infants, which is claimed to be the longest and the largest of its kind.

Following the observations, the analysis brought forth that if a newborn is introduced to the cow’s milk within the first fourteen days, the introduction led to a protective mechanism against the allergies of the milk protein.

Further, the infants who were not introduced to cow’s milk within the stipulated time, the chances of them being prone to CMPA increased significantly.

Though, the scientist stress on the need of breast feeding as well, however, they press that the cow’s milk has the effect of vaccination in the newborns.

Confirming the results, the Lead Author Professor Yitzhak Katz, Tel Aviv University’s Department of Pediatrics, Sackler Faculty of Medicine opined to the National Post, ”Women who regularly [daily] introduced their babies to cow’s milk protein early, before 15 days of life, almost completely eliminated the incidence of an allergy to cow’s milk protein in their babies”.