World’s lightest phone makes its UK debut

World’s lightest phone The Modu 1, which was first spotted at the 2008 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, has finally reached the UK.

The Modu 1 measures 72.1 by 37.6 by 7.8 mm in dimensions and weighs just 40.1g.

V3. co. uk provides the link validating, “The lightest mobile (cell) phone is the Modu, which weighs 40.1 g (1.41 oz).”

The lightest handset is manufactured by Modu ltd. of Israel and was unveiled at the MWC in Barcelona on 11 February 2008.

The Modu 1 comes with a 1.3-inch screen, an MP3 player, a micro USB connector, Bluetooth and 2GB of memory. A range of jackets can also be purchased to change the phone’s appearance as well as interface.

Purelygadgets is offering the Modu 1 £130, but the jackets will cost another £40 or £50. Thus, it is the lightest but definitely not the cheapest mobile phone in the world.

Rumours are flying high that the Israeli manufacturer is prepearing to launch the Modu 2 or Modu T device, which will also be light and tiny, but will offer apparently offer better features such as WiFi, touchscreen and possible Android operating system.