Pharmaceutical Industry Analysts Question Go-Ahead to Avandia

As the FDA advisory panel gave a green signal to Avandia this week despite the fact that the drug is associated with the risk of heart attacks in diabetics, the pharmaceutical industry analysts have raised their concerns.

The panel’s decision has been widely condemned by the industry analysts. In addition, those of the critics who believe that the drug should be chosen as per the discretion of the patient and the doctor have also objected the panel’s move of imposing limitations on this understanding between the patients and the doctors.

For over the last three years, many of the researches have been providing justifications against the drug’s safety.

According to a study report released in 2007, Avandia elevates the risk of suffering heart attacks in the consumers by more than 43%. Avandia’s producer GlaxoSmithKline has been facing embarrassments, suffering a fall in sales of the drug.

The FDA advisory panel, which comprised 33 members, observed a voting for deciding the fate of the drug. Of the total 33 members, 20 were in favor of its approval while 12 voted against it.

To make matters worse, it was pointed by a couple of panelists that GlaxoSmithKline had deliberately concealed the side effects Avandia for more than 2 years.