Apple being asked to offer free “Bumper” case to iPhone 4 owners

Product testing authority has reportedly urged Apple to provide the owners of iPhone 4 with so-called Bumper case.

It is believed that Apple iPhone 4 owners can eliminate reception problems by enclosing their phones in the $29 Bumper case. The findings may encourage Apple to distribute Bumper case for free.

Mike Gikas, a Consumer Reports' senior electronics editor Mike Gikas said that Apple should pay for the fix and not the consumers.

Commenting on the topic, Mr. Gikas said, "The best solution would be for Apple to issue a case with the iPhone 4, or give consumers a credit at its online store for one."

Apple's iPhone 4 was launched worldwide with much fanfare on 24th of June. But, users have been complaining about poor reception problem since it launch.

The much-hyped iPhone 4 has a design defect that causes drop in calls due to drop in AT&T signals, especially when held in such a way that the hand covers a gap between two antennas on its lower left side.

Meanwhile, Cupertino-based Apple has invited journalists to a press conference about its problematic iPhone 4. The announcement has prompted speculation of a recall.

However, the firm declined to give further details about the conference and its agenda.