Vittal is back with big a smile

One-year old Vittal is back with a big smile, after a 6-hour difficult operation, at the Narayana Multi -Specially hospital in Bangalore, on Thursday.

The Doctors explained that it was a very rare surgery, which included taking out his two extra limbs. Vittal is now shifted to the post-operative ward.

Since birth Vittal, had two additional limbs, between his legs. A huge amount of mass was originated from his buttocks, which gave as a reason for the extra limbs to grow. These type of cases are well thought to be an appearance of twinning, and such condition is called Dipygus. In this case, the challenge lies in separating the extra mass from the child’s body.

The senior consultant pediatric surgeon Dr. Asley D’Cruz said, “One of the challenge is to find the aorta, that supplies blood to this region. He shared that the team needs to cut it in a way, so as to avoid huge blood loss. Moreover, vital parts of the baby including rectum, urethra and testis, are located in this area”.

He further added that all these parts have to be protected. The main concern will be to protect contracting muscles from getting damaged. The skin also needs to be reformed. Dr. Asley headed the team conducting surgery, that went for about six hours.

Vittal belongs from Mahveerapura, a village near Gwalior. His father Manoj, who is suffering from a physical disability problem, is also unemployed. Vittal’s family is totally dependent on his grandfather’s pension.

Dr. Ashley later explained that there is no specific cause for this type of disease, as the environmental factor plays a major part in these types of cases.