Report Supports Climate Data, Rebukes Scientists

According to the findings of an independent review of hundreds of scythed e-mails, released on Wednesday, the climate-change researchers at a British university did into succeed in countering to the detractors in an open style, but cleaved to soaring standards in their science and did not maneuver their data.

These emails had caused an international swirl, just prior to the global environment summit in Copenhagen. They had been taken from the server of the University of East Anglia, late last year. Scientists’s efforts to intentionally repress certain data about global warming or sloping it to shore up their conclusions, is what was evident from the mails.

However, another review commissioned by the university denied the claims and stated that, in spite of some imprudent comments about skeptics, the scientists honesty was nowhere to be doubted.

At the same time, the review committee reprimanded the university's Climatic Research Unit for reacting amateurishly to condemnation by dragging its feet in distributing its data and in retorting to freedom-of-information desires.

The termination reflected the findings of two preceding independent explorations into the issue that came to be known as ‘Climategate’.

Edward Acton, the head of the university, described the report as an “exoneration of UEA climate scientists and their research collaborators around the world, some of whom have suffered considerably during this experience”.