33% Parents View Smacking Children As Risky

The poll by the Children’s Society involving 2,047 adults has revealed that nearly 33% of adults are of the view that smacking children, as young as six years old, posed a “high risk” to them.

However, a similar percentage believes that parents can hit children with bearing any fear of them causing any sort of affliction, largely has no effect on them.

It posted that pensioners, particularly, are of the view that it could lead to a physical or emotional disturbance.

In addition, 16% expressed that smacking children posed no risk to the youngsters.

The highest risk highlighted in the survey was permitting a child to play outdoors, till late hours of summer evening without being aware of where they were.

The Children's Society is reported to urge the Government to impose a ban on striking children with an open hand.

The UK has been tagged as one of five EU countries currently in favor of dropping an all-out ban on slapping. However, the call has triggered huge rebuke from human rights groups, claiming that it is against article 19 of the UN convention of the rights of the child.