Cheryl Cole Down with Malaria

After collapsing at a photo shoot on Saturday, Cheryl Cole has been reported to be down with malaria. Cole spent two hours in the intensive care unit, after she caught the infection during her holiday in Tanzania.

She was admitted at the London's Cromwell Hospital during the weekend and the Mirror reported that she was “very poorly”.

Then, she was taken to the Hospital for Tropical Diseases at University College London. Earlier, after the Saturday’s incident, the singer was said to be diagnosed with exhaustion, but now, after her condition worsened, the tests reported that she has malaria.

Sources shared that doctors did not take any chance, as they saw the singer in a very critical condition and, therefore, they sent her to the intensive care unit. It has been said that she is now undergoing treatment under best experts. If this infectious disease is not treated on time and properly, it can have serious side effects. Cole had gone to Tanzania last month with 24 year old, Derek Hough for a romantic break and she contracted the disease there, through mosquito bites.

Doctors confirmed yesterday that she was suffering from malaria and for further treatment, she will be staying in the hospital for few days and that she will need a week long rest for proper recovery.