Neck Measurements to Identify Kids for Obesity

Researchers have come up with a new and easy way of knowing the obesity level in children by scaling the circumference of a child's neck.

After noting down the neck measurements of more than 1,100 youngsters from the age of 6-18 years, it was concluded that this process accurately recognized a noteworthy proportion of young people who were overweight.

Olubukola Nafiu, MD, and a team from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, said that it is a simple and a more effective way of knowing the obesity levels as the body mass index (BMI) does not dependably explain distribution of abdominal fat or deep belly fat in a body.

The researchers have come up with age and sex specific cutoff measurements, which will determine whether or not a child is obese.

For kids, the body mass index is calculated using height and weight measurements along with sex and age. It has been said that if a six years old boy has neck circumference measurement of over 11.2 inches, then there is 3.6 times more possibility of his being overweight or obese.

With this method, it will be easier to identify the young people who have more than accepted body mass indexes. The measurements were taken with an elastic tape and the children were made to stand with their head held straight and it was found that the method works more accurately in boys than girls.