GM Intends to Make 10,000 Volts by 2011

General Motors Co.’s electric car, Chevy Volt will be sold in New York City and Austin and the two will be the first cities to sell the vehicle.

It was announced by the auto major on Thursday, when it was also stated that it plans to sell 10,000 Chevrolet Volts by the end of 2011. This declaration was made for the first time, when the Company presented its production scheme for the electrical motor.

GM also revealed that it will be manufacturing surplus 30,000 Volts in the year 2012. It was also revealed that the battery-powered vehicle will be made available in California, Washington, D.C., Austin, Texas and the New York City.

These cities will start selling the first electric car by the end of this year. Also, it was unveiled that the Company intends to avail the Volt in all 50 states one year after its official launch.

Ed Whitacre, General Motors’ Chairman and CEO said that as Austin is one of greenest cities in America, this is why the Company has planned to offer the Volt technology to consumers in these cities first.

The car has an electric engine and is capable of running about 40 miles with one complete charge and the gas engine starts after that.

By November, the Volt will be made available in Austin showrooms, while in other cities, it will show up after a few months.