Microsoft to kill KIN to focus on Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has confirmed that it would stop production of its social networking handset, the KIN, which was launched in mid-April on Verizon's network.

The KIN, which targeted at teens, failed to attract buyers, which forced the company to kill the phone in less than two months after its launch.

Recently, Verizon reduced the price of the low-end KIN from $49 to just $29, while the price of the high-end KIN was dragged from $99 to $49. The price drop announced by the network provider was a clear indication that the phone was reporting poor sales.

Microsoft has reportedly decided to concentrate on its new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7. KIN developers will also be folded into company’s main mobile development team.

Commenting on the topic, Microsoft said, “We have made the decision to focus on the Windows Phone 7 launch and will not ship Kin in Europe this fall as planned.”

Microsoft would go on working with Verizon in the US to sell the remaining KIN handsets.

Microsoft’s KIN earned mixed reviews. Experts praised the sentiment behind the entry-level social phone, but criticized its execution.