Teen climbs brick walls like Super-Man

A thirteen-year-old boy from Cambridge, England, used two vacuum cleaners to create a device that enables him to climb walls just like Spider-Man.

Hibiki Kono, a great fan of Super-Man, purchased a couple of 1,400-watt vacuum cleaners from retailer Tesco and fitted them with a pair of large square wooden suction pads.

He became the centre of attraction when he used the suckerpads to climb a vertical brick wall during morning assembly in his school.

Speaking on the topic, Hibiki said, “I used to dress up as Spider-Man when I was younger and I love all the films, so it’s great to be able to climb walls like him.”

It took him five months to design and create the device during his design technology lessons at King’s College School in Cambridge.

Hibiki’s design technology teacher Angus Gen said he was very proud of his student. He said that initially he had doubts about the idea, when Hibiki proved that it could be done he started encouraging him.

Hibiki proved that technology can transform humans into super-humans.