Research Reveals Many Well Known Baby Foods High In Sugar Content

A new research reveals that many well known snacks for toddlers and babies are high on sugar content. The research was conducted at the University of Calgary and was funded by the Centre for Science in the Public Interest Canada.

It checked 186 food items, which are marketed for children. The researchers found that among them, more than 50% contained an "excessive proportion” of sugar as more than 20% of calories in these items, came from sugar.

Only 40% Companies had mentioned sugar or its alternatives like dextrose or corn syrup in the first four constituents of the label.

Culture and Communications Professor, Charlene Elliott, revealed that a number of parents wrongly presume that food items specially meant for toddler and baby, have a higher standard and therefore, are healthier for children to eat, as compared to adult food items.

Elliott reveals that many food items were even worse as compared to adult equivalents.

The recommendations of the American Heart Association suggest that adults should limit their intake of added sugars to six teaspoons per day for women and nine spoons per day for men. However, the Association has said that there are no similar guidelines for toddlers and infants.

Experts are thinking that why such products with high sugar content are being marketed, when there is a move to remove added sugars from the diet of adults.