Kate Gosselin’s Botox Treatment Gone Wrong

It has been reported that after looking at the latest photos of Kate Gosselin, at an event, the plastic surgeons are claiming that she has gone under the knife.

Kate’s beautiful body, shiny blonde hair, all are looking a bit different in the pictures. The pictures showed that something surely went wrong during her plastic surgery.

Dr. Michael Olding, Chief of Plastic Surgery at George Washington University said, "She looked much better in the earlier photo: great hair, nice smile and a normal brow position”.

Kate is 35 years old and has received immense popularity, when she participated in a reality show, Dancing With The Stars.

Surgeons explained that one of her eyebrow looks odd and slightly elevated, as compared to her previous photos.

They noticed that the central part of her eyebrow is plunged and broadened. Moreover, the frown lines on her face looked very different from before. They were looking very typical and unusual.

They also said that her treatment can be corrected by injecting her eyebrows. This is not for the first time that Kate took the help of plastic surgery in order to enhance her looks.

Last year as well, she underwent breast enhancement surgery.

Kate did not give any comments to the reporters about her surgery and utterly odd appearance at the event.