YouTube: Popular Yet Unchanged Over the Years

YouTube's popularity no doubt has been able to keep its place to make for striking statistics, but it also serves as a memento of how little the site has remained unchanged over a number of years, since it started.

A new report from ComScore offers details of just how far YouTube has come. For the initial time, the average visitor to Google video sites, particularly YouTube that is watched more than 100 clips for each month.

More prominently, approximately 145 million people visited Google's video sites per month, accounting for 43.1% of all online video served.

And yet, YouTube has made few radical alterations in its website. Take a look at the home page. Make a note of how it's populated almost entirely by user-generated content.

The site very much seems to follow its original mantra, ‘Broadcast Yourself’, whilst premium content, which is usually more profitable for advertising and might potentially be sold directly to YouTube's huge audience, takes a back seat.

For now, Hulu, whose 3.5% of online video served is in a remote second, is understood to be building a subscription service named Hulu Plus.

For $10 for each month, Hulu Plus would offer access to the whole archive of Hulu shows, whilst the free service would only comprise of the most recent five episodes of any show.