True Blood: Mariana Klaveno’s Daring Attitude

The HBO series, True Blood, has for the past two years been able to increase the international vampire passion.

However, on the contrary of what its counterpart Twilight was able to showcase, this series aired on HBO does not step back while showing raunchy, sexy or violent scenes.

Right from the starting of the series, actor Mariana Klaveno has been in some of the grisliest and hottest scenes of them all, as Lorena, the vampire who as well turned Bill Compton, Stephen Moyer, into Vampire Bill while the Civil War was on and who carries on fighting with Sookie Stackhouse, Anna Paquin, for his love.

The role has made it necessary for Klaveno, whose menacing, feline beauty appears to smoothly morph from charming to a nasty character all of a sudden, to flesh out a character, which enjoys the blood sport of being a vampire, nothing like Bill.

And although, she is a true villain in the fictional Southern setting of Bon Temps, La., Lorena is driven by an unanswered love, making her surprisingly relevant to the storyline.

The audition process for the series while casting actors was not like the normal auditions. She said that she was nervous while appearing for the audition but then finally, was able to make it through the same.