FDA Panel Disapproves Boehringer Drug

Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee, an FDA panel, has opposed the approval of a new drug, which aims to treat the sexual urge disorder in women. However, the panelists have directed the manufacturing Company to pursue the trial of the drug.

The drug has been produced by Boehringer Ingelheim. Panel's Chairwoman, Dr. Julia V. Johnson, explained that the drug's trial results observed so far, have not been able to substantiate its efficiency in treating the disorder.

The drug named flibanserin has been manufactured for use in women, who suffer a lack of sexual urges. It is expected to act as an antidepressant, supposed to arouse the desires premenopausal women.

It basically functions by altering the brain chemicals viz. dopamine and serotonin, which trigger the sexual urges in women.

According to a couple of FDA officials, the drug successfully stimulated as many as 1,000. However, they claimed that the drug couldn't go far in arousing strong desires in women.

Ahead of the release of the panel's disapproval, Boehringer had taken up an awareness drive regarding the disorder in women.

"We are disappointed with the advisory committee's recommendations and will work with the F. D. A. to address questions raised", said Dr. Christopher Corsico.