First stage of MINI E car trials concludes on June 19

The first stage of twenty MINI Es' (electric and low carbon vehicles) trial in the UK is reaching its end on 19th of June.

Apart from the UK, trials of twenty MINI Es have also been taking place in Japan, Germany, and the United States. The main motive behind the trial is to test the electric car's suitability to everyday motoring.

A Berkshire motorist Peter McManners, one of twenty drivers in the trial, said that his trial of the Oxford-built Mini E car was a success.

However, he added that the lack of rear seats was a problem to him as he has children.

It may be noted here that the two-seater prototype MINI E is just like a conventional Mini car, but its rear seats have been removed in a bid to provide space to its lithium- ion batteries.

The two-seater MINI E has a range of about 104 miles with a top speed of 95mph. It can reach 0-62mph in just 8.5 seconds.

MINI's UK sales & marketing director, Jochen Goller said that the Mini E is the test bed for an all-electric model from MINI's parent firm BMW said to be launched by the end of 2015.

Mr. Goller added that the MINI E trials would also be extended to Paris and Beijing in the near future.