Snowy Fell Sick After Ingesting Five Toy Cats!

When Snowy, the West Highland dog became, sick and ceased eating, her anxious proprietors took her to a veterinary doctor.

But a new diet regimen, clinical tests and even drugs botched to improve the small dog.

It was only when an X-ray of the one-year-old was taken that it became apparent that she had fallen prey to a dog's conventional foe, cats.

Snowy had gulped down five plastic toy cats. The largest was two inches in length and one inch in width and was visible, on the X-ray.

It could be noticed, its broad eyes displaying its fear regarding its predicament, gazing out from between Snowy’s ribs.

Mrs. Reed, 42, said, “I was shocked when the vets phoned to say Snowy had swallowed a few cats. I thought they meant real ones!”

She said that they are so happy that she is fine. They will take care that she never does this again.

Mrs. Reed, of Wyton on the Hill, Cambridgeshire, became worried after Snowy unexpectedly stopped eating and started being unwell.

She took her to the vet thinking that Snowy might not be responding well to dog food so they modified her diet.

The puzzled vet then had X-rays of her stomach, and was astonished to notice the outlines of the five toy cats in her tummy.