Twitter Adds 'Places' Feature in Spite of Outages

On Tuesday, Twitter has added a 'Places' feature, though that may be of little comfort to those who have had problem using the service.

Twitter accounted a sequence of outages on Monday night, because of what the website dubbed a botched improvement of a new tactic to timeline caching, Twitter said on its status blog.

Twitter said, “Our infrastructure and operations engineers are currently working to resolve this. We'll update you soon with an ETA”.

Twitter has experienced a lot of outages recently, resulting in the feared "fail whale" to emerge more frequently than anybody would like.

Actually, Twitter has been down almost five hours in June, according to its uptime report assembled by Pingdom, for the most part since October 2009.

Last week, Twitter held the outages responsible on a system-side problem, responsible on networking gear.

Since then, almost every day Twitter has found faults, either with the Twitter feed itself or with connected timelines.

On Sunday, for instance, Twitter saw that its sidebar trends feature was exercising a greater load on one of their databases, and switched off the feature.

Moving along with the present World Cup fad, Twitter recently introduced a new Twitter Places feature. It allows you to tag tweets with particular places together with all World Cup stadiums in South Africa.