San Diego County Rocked By Earthquake, No Major Damage Reported

Reports said on Monday that the California-Mexico border witnessed an earthquake of the magnitude of 5.9. The areas from San Diego to Orange County and Los Angeles were rattled and shaken.

It is believed that the earthquake struck at 9:26 p.m. even as more aftershocks followed.

Though the intensity of the quake was considerably large, however, no major damage has been witnessed in the county.

As confirmed by the U.S. Geological Survey, approximately the earthquake is believed to be centered about five miles southeast of Ocotillo in Imperial County at 85 miles east of San Diego.

On Monday, as many as 20 aftershocks were recorded within a short span of 30 minutes after the earthquake.

It is reported that the largest aftershock was measured at a magnitude of 4.1.

Following the earthquake, the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services surveyed the cities in the county and reported that no significant damage had been witnessed

The Chairman of the Imperial County Board of Supervisors, Louis Fuentes, confirmed no immediate reports of damage had been received.

As confirmed by a report compiled by USGS, more than 1,000 people experienced the shaking and trembling. The same was reported in an online citizen’s survey.