Students from Otago University Made Fun of Homeless People

Students from the University of Otago have been called up by the Mental Health Commission to apologize over a parody of destitute people.

It has been reported that the pictures of three well-known homeless people from Dunedin were printed in the magazine with the story named Bum and the Bottom of the World. The people are shown in a discriminating and stigmatizing way.

It has been claimed that the author have got the story with a pocket full of beers."The article is very disturbing in that those involved in producing the article, who are our potential leaders of tomorrow, can be so callous to fellow human beings who have mental health issues and have fallen on hard circumstances", said Commissioner, Ray Watson.

The story has made fun of the people without home. It became a subject for the students of University to laugh at. And they are not bothered about the situation of these people.

According to Watson, media has great impact over our community and ignorance from such people is something not acceptable. Thus, he wants the students to apologize for this article and he also expects that they will not repeat such mistakes in future.