‘Carers Week 2010’ Brings Forth Some Disturbing Facts

Carers Week is organized as a mark of gratitude for the efforts of the carers. Also, the week celebrates the recognition and support that the carers extend to the people in need.

Though the Carers Week is celebrated to appreciate the immense contribution of the six million carers in the UK, according to the research that was launched in 2010 Carers Week some disturbing facts have been brought to light.

The research corresponding with the launch of Carers Week (14-20 June) highlighted that more than 76% of the people, who were looking after an ill, frail or disabled loved one did not have a life outside of their caring role.

As per the results, about 80% of the carers have been forced to give up any kind of leisure activities, since they had become a carer.

The results throw light on some heart-aching revelations. Majority of the carers claimed to be isolated and lonely and did not have any support from their relatives as well.

Roughly, about 75% of the surveyed claimed that they were no more in touch with their families.

Arlene Phillips OBE, who is the celebrity ambassador of Carers Week and is also a world renowned choreographer and TV personality, said, "I helped to look after my father when he was suffering from Dementia, so I know what a strain it can be, both physically and emotionally. You can feel so alone and isolated. Several million carers look after a parent, child, partner or friend, with love and dedication".

Following the facts, Carers Week has started a helpline - 0845 241 2582 - which aims at extending support and information to the carers.