Poll Highlights- Desktops to Become Obsolete, Would Give Way to Cloud

The findings of a recent survey reveal that by the year 2020, the Internet experience would be re-defined as the desktops would become obsolete. Further, with the change in the trend, cloud computing would emerge in a big way and would dominate the markets.

Reports confirm that the recent poll was conducted by the Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project. About 900 Internet experts were asked to make forecasts regarding the role of cloud computing that would be witnessed in the next decade.

The recent survey is the fourth in a series of surveys, which are conducted on major high-tech issues. The aim of the same is to initiate discussions and forums regarding the role of technology that would be prevalent in the society in the future.

It was reveled in the survey that about three-fourths of the interviewees were of the opinion that in 10 years, the users of the Internet would distance themselves from the software which runs on fixed desktop.

Also, the users would prefer the cyberspace-based applications that would be accessible through the network.

Commenting on the results, Janna Anderson, lead author of the report and Director of Imagining the Internet Center that studies the potential impact of emerging online innovations said, "People are social and busy and want to share information wherever they are. The cloud is going to dominate most transactions because it allows people to have instant and individual access to information and tools".

The interviewed experts also agreed that the appeal of easy-to-access and personalized services would be the dominant motor that would push the people towards cloud.