Obsessed gamers react like fighter pilots, but lack physical fitness

Obsessed gamers possess reactions and mental skills of a fighter pilot, but the body of a sixty-year old chain smoker, a study conducted by at the University of Essex claims.

Dr. Dominic Micklewright analyzed the psychological and physical skills of elite gamers and compared them with that of top athletes.

The study showed that the psychological and reaction skills of gamers could match even those of fighter pilots, but their fitness levels very poor.

One of the gamers tested by the professor had the lung function and aerobic fitness of a sixty-year old chain smoker.

Dr. Micklewright said that too much time spent on video games could affect gamers’ physical development adversely. Speaking on the topic, he said, "Screen time with children has a very strong correlation with childhood obesity and risk factors with heart disease later in life."

According to Dr. Micklewright, children are at risk especially due to developing a deskbound lifestyle. He adds that physical exertion is necessary for fitness.