Arizona Judge Pardons Jeffs from All Charges of Sexual Abuse

A judge in Arizona on Wednesday pardoned all the charges against Warren Jeffs, old President of Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, following the appeal by Mohave County for expelling the former from the Church.

Jeffs had been held under four charges for sexual harassing a minor girl in Arizona.

He was booked in Texas in 2008 on a charge of felonious sexual attack on a child. The girl was aged less than 17 years and had illegally tied the knot with Jeff in 2005.

The charges came to the fore when Jeff was jailed in August 2006. The FBI has put his name on its 10 most wanted list.

FLDS is a derivative of the Mormon Church comprising more than 10,000 members. Almost all the members are polygamous and declare it freely.

According to the critics, these party fellows oblige young girls to marry aged men and exploit them sexually.

However, the party leaders have refuted all the claims made by the critics regarding the forced marriages.

Jeff was held in Utah in 2007, ahead of his transferring to Arizona. He had been accused to have raped two minor girls.