Procter & Gamble Withdraws Certain Iams Canned Cat Food from Market

Today, the Procter & Gamble Company declared a voluntary call back of some lots of its Iams canned cat food.

Analytical examining pointed out that the product might include inadequate levels of thiamine, or vitamin B1, which is believed to be necessary for cats.

Cats that were given these canned products as their only food are at higher possibility for acquiring symptoms of thiamine paucity.

Influenced by the recall are 3-ounce and 5.5-ounce tins of Iams ProActive Health Cat and Kitten Food, which bear a date stamp between 09/2011 and 06/2012 at the base of the can.

This withdrawal is restricted to only Iams canned cat food doled out in North America. None other Iams animal food is entailed.

The corporation says that initial symptoms of lack of thiamine, comprise loss of appetite, salivation, nausea and loss of weight.

In complex instances, downward bending of the neck, shaky walk, falling, circling and fits take place.

If your cat is displaying any of these signs, get in touch with your veterinarian right away. If cured on time, thiamine deficiency is generally reversible.

If you have bought canned cat food with these codes, you should throw them away.