Scientists Identifies Remote Control for Cholesterol Circulation in Brain

Scientists from the University of Cincinnati have identified that the hunger-signaling hormone ghrelin is responsible for the circulation of cholesterol in the brain. Researchers have come up with this discovery while they were examining mice.

Dr. Matthias Tschop, who led the study, recommended the new potential target to control the cholesterol level.

Initially, scientists thought that dietary absorption and secretion by the liver controls cholesterol level, but now they have found that cholesterol is also under the direct control of specific neurocircuitry in the central nervous system.

Since, there is a difference in the makeup of human and mice cholesterol, researchers says that more research and study is needed before applying it directly on humans. Meanwhile, people should start taking less amount of saturated fat in their diet. Daily physical activity is also recommended. People are also suggested to take prescribed medicines such as statins, to keep their cholesterol levels under control.

The study has definitely opened a new way to treat the patients with high cholesterol. It has been said by Fotini Rozakeas, the Cardiac Nurse at British Heart Foundation that it has been discovered for the very first time that blood cholesterol levels can be controlled by signals conveyed from the brain to the liver, where cholesterol is produced.