3 Tobacco Firms Challenge U.S. Anti-Smoking Bylaws

Three firms in the United States of America and trade associations have challenged anti-smoking bylaws that make it obligatory for tobacco companies to display graphic images of diseased brains, lungs and teeth.

This tobacco group has filed a complaint in the Manhattan federal court against the city in an attempt to get removed the horrible posters of diseased organs from retailers’ outlets.

New York City anti-smoking signs that show a decaying tooth, diseased lungs and a damaged brain breach cigarette vendors' free speech and need to be removed, tobacco companies and vendors said in a court case.

New York cigarette retailers face a $2000 fine if they fail to exhibit at least one warning sign at the cash register or next to the cigarettes.

It is apparent in research studies that placing warning signs where cigarettes were sold was one of the most effectual means to discourage people from smoking and to discourage a new posterity of smokers.

Health department, in a statement, said that by trying to repress this educational crusade, the tobacco industry is showing its wishes to keep kids in the dark and let them risk their health by practicing smoking.

It is necessary for all to recognize that this practice of smoking can cripple not people but the whole nation.