Debate Over National Health Care Reform Moves to the California Legislature

The discussion regarding national health care reform has shifted to the California Legislature, which in this week is going to start taking the first steps to implement the complicated session of overhauls prescribed by the central Government.

No less than 20 bills have been introduced and as many as dozens may get voted this week as policymakers come face to face with a deadline to give approval to bills out of their house of origin.

Due to California's sheer size, its implementation of the new ruling may possibly become a role model for other states.

The state has 8.2 million inhabitants that are not insured, which is almost equal to the populace of New Jersey. The number has swelled in recent years as Californians became unemployed and could not afford health insurance because of economic slump.

The bills seem to work on reforms that have been signed into law by President Barack Obama in March. Amongst other changes, they would forbid health insurers from saying no to coverage because of pre-existing conditions and form a swap over through which people could purchase insurance.

A separate bill would take state reforms move ahead that federal necessities by making insurance firms get state consent before they raise their fees.