Huge Number of People Say Goodbye to Smoking with NHS Aid

A massive number of people in the north Kent have quit smoking in the past year with aid from the NHS.

NHS West Kent, the primary care trust for north Kent, has assisted 3,979 smokers to give up the bad habit in the last year that is 24% more than the year before.

Laura Bush, the Trust's Stop Smoking Team Manager, said that she is proud of the hard work behind all of these 3,979 achievements.

She said, "We offer a range of personalised and friendly options for people who are thinking about quitting and we support each individual in the way that best suits them".

New data from the NHS show that a growing number of Scots are utilizing their services to stop smoking. Hypnotherapy and other alternative therapies might be an improved bet though, since the same figures divulge that less than one in ten try to leave for 12 months or more.

The BBC states that the number of smokers who utilized the NHS Scotland to stop smoking services increased by 35% in 2009 to a whole of 69,882 individuals.

This takes the expected number of the total smoking populace who made an endeavor to stop with a smoking cessation service to 6.5%, a rise from 2008's 4.8%.