Cranford to Re-Open Soon

Hastings Mayor, Lawrence Yule says that advocates of Cranford should be confident that the service will carry on looking after their near and dear ones in the future.

Mayor Yule has been working with Presbyterian Support, the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board and employees, from the time it was declared in April that Cranford would be shut down for six months.

Prior this month, he suggested that an independent trust would be the best method to make sure that the service not only sustained, but also served in the best health of the patients, the community and workers to the greatest level.

Mayor Yule says that in spite of the weeks of harmful publicity, he is confident that Cranford will re-start within six months.

They have been holding weekly meetings with the DHB and Presbyterian Support and regardless of some important obstacles all parties seem to be working towards a hasty re-commencement of Cranford.

Mayor Yule says that he has met with DHB Chief Executive, Dr. Kevin Snee and he is happy that all of the appropriate options will be assessed for the future control of Cranford Hospice. He said that he would be pleased to play a complete role in any procedure of that type.

He added, “We have done a considerable amount of work on developing a Trust and have already found a highly-qualified group of trustees to head it, if the DHB agrees to a change in structure”.