Criticism of Dioxin Study Rejected by Scientists

The most recent criticism of the research has been rejected by the lead author of a study of dioxin contagion of people residing near a New Plymouth chemical plant.

In 2005, a Government study was conducted which gauged a surprisingly high level of dioxin in a woman’s blood who said she moved near the Ivon Watkins-Dow factory at Paritutu in 1978.

It was recommended by critics that the woman’s minutiae required to be checked, but that was not done.

According to a dioxin campaigner, Andrew Gibbs, documents now provide evidence that the woman also lived close by from 1961 to 1963.

It has been said by the dioxin campaigner that papers disclose that the woman also resided close by from 1961 to 1963.

It was also said that now there is no proof that people who shifted to Paritutu after 1969, were at threat.

But according to lead investigator Jeff Fowles, other aspects point to a soon after threat of infectivity.