McNeil Consumer Healthcare Promises Quality Production

The Drug maker McNeil Consumer Healthcare, on Tuesday sketched some strict steps so that quality and safety of the drugs at the end of their manufacturing is made sure.

The Company is presently under investigation by the Food and Drug Administration. It also suffered subsequent recalls after the drugs were reported to be unsafe including over-the-counter drugs including Tylenol, Motrin and Benadryl.

The Company stated that it intends to bounce back to the level of quality that is expected of it by Johnson & Johnson and its companies. The statement further said that the public expects and so does the Company of itself.

Explaining the steps that it has planned to avoid any such blunder again, Company Stated that it has hired an independent pharmaceutical consulting firm so that the rights and wrongs in the manufacturing can be identified.

McNeil is a division of Johnson & Johnson.

Four recalls of it s products was issued by the Company, the most highlighted one being the recall of the children's non-prescription drugs product on May 1.

Following this, Johnson & Johnson suspended production at McNeil's Fort Washington plant. The plant is involved in the production of children's products.

The recalls of McNeil's products have led Johnson & Johnson to face Congressional hearings on scheduled to be held on Thursday.