First Radiation Death in Delhi Awakens Area to the Grave Issue

Specialists stated that the first radiation death case in India in Delhi's Mayapuri region was an awakening call for not only the area dwellers but for all those that handle the disposal of such dangerous material but also in the mismanagement of radiation treatment therapy in a few hospices in the nation.

Specialists from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and Atomic Energy Regulatory Board said that the kind of mismanagement could probably lead to either over dosage or under dosage to patients and hinder the treatment procedure, at times, leading to their death.

Dr. K S Parthasarathy, a Raja Ramanna Fellow of Department of Atomic Energy and Former Secretary said that the first radiation death case in India because the inopportune radiation instance in Delhi should be taken as a wakeup call for the other evenly important regions of concern.

Parthasarathy said that even though the licenses conducting radiation therapy by making use of accelerators and Cobalt-60 units and remote after stacking tools are needed to inquire and give written reports on accidental experiences, but AERB has not received any such written account until now.

In radiotherapy, radiation can become a double edged weapon, so it is important to take the matter seriously.