Museum iPhone app brings past to the present

Users of Apple iPhones can now view as many as 400-year-old images of London and compare them with the present by making use of Museum of London’s newly launched iPhone app, called the Streetmuseum.

The Streetmuseum app offers its users an historical tour to the centuries old London by showing how a particular street or area looked in the past onto the iPhone screen. It can present street scenes and photos of the blitz from
19th century to images of the frozen Thames four years back or the Great Fire of London in 1666.

The newly launched app uses augmented-reality technology which combines the iPhone's built-in camera and satellite navigation. But, the augmented-reality technology of Streetmuseum is available only on the iPhone 3GS. However, important historical information is available on both versions of iPhone.

Commenting on the topic, Museum of London Director Professor Jack Lohman said, “Streetmuseum opens up the city in new and exciting ways. The launch of the Streetmuseum app is an exciting development for the Museum of London.”

The Streetmuseum app can be downloaded free of charge from the iTunes Store.