UK Home Secretary adjourns judicial review into Pentagon hacker’s extradition

Britain’s new home secretary Theresa May has agreed to adjourn the judicial review into Gary McKinnon's extradition to the US.

Gary McKinnon has been blamed by the US of hacking into the computer systems of the Pentagon and NASA in 2001.

Gary McKinnon, who is suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, has fought a long-running series of court-battles to avoid extradition to the US. Earlier, it was reported that the Home Secretary was examining medical evidence supporting McKinnon’s case against extradition.

Lib Democrat MP Jo Swinson said that they wanted to try McKinnon in a British court rather than making him a subject to the ordeal of extradition to the US.

Speaking on the topic, he added, “Labour's determination to press ahead with extradition without fully considering Gary McKinnon's vulnerable state was shameful.”

McKinnon has already agreed to plead guilty. But, if he is extradited the credibility of many, including new deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who claims to be the protectors of civil liberties will get shattered.