iPad-native App to be Available on Beejive IM

It has been reported that an iPad-native app is now going to be available on Beejive IM via Apple's App Store.

On Wednesday, it was unconfined that the iPad-only app displays a redesigned interface and the array of key features for which BeejiveIM received praise when it came in iPhone type, support for numerous accounts and facilities, conversation switching, push notifications, and file sharing.

It is said that similar to the iPhone version, BeejiveIM for the iPad lets the users to make choices between AIM, , MSN, MySpace, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber Yahoo Messenger, and Facebook IM when first adding an account. It is said that you can add and can also remain logged in to several accounts, including managing the friends list and adding them to contacts in the Address Book.

Also, while sending messages, along with a conventional personal chat, users can also opt to send an SMS or link to a chat room.

And while chatting one can send photos and voice memos to contemporaries and acquaintances, and including e-mailing the chat transcript. A number of default wallpapers are featured by BeejiveIM for its setting. One can also select a picture from the available photo albums and set it as background.

BeejiveIM for iPad comes with a price tag of $5 from the App Store, and needs an iPad running OS 3.2.