Health officials in Search of New Contract Cleaners

Hospital cleaning contractors are reported to have failed to fulfill quality performance standards framed by the Vancouver Island Health Authority, officials told yesterday.

Consequently, the Vancouver Island Health Authority is now in a bid to search for alternatives, calling other private company that facilitates housekeeping and food services for south Island hospitals and residential-care facilities to take over the contract.

Compass Group Canada was under the contracts for the past six years, and witnessed its agreement renewed last year for five.

In addition, the Company also offered services at Glengarry Hospital, which recently witnessed a respiratory infection outbreak, and Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, where Compass had to face the B. C. Centre for Disease Control last year in relation to a C. difficile outbreak that engulged three people.

VIHA spokeswoman Suzanne Germain, quoted, "We are testing the market to ensure we're getting value for money, and enhanced quality of service”.

The health authority has announced that any change in service would not take effect until next year.

Compass employees are accused of lacking proper training to use toxic chemicals, which resulted in hair loss, nose inflammation, respiratory problems and skin irritation, posted the two failed WorkSafe B. C. inspections.