Gold & diamond-studded iPad

While Britons are waiting eagerly to get hold of regular iPad models, a 39-year-old designer Stuart Hughes has unveiled his latest design- the gold iPad.

The new model of iPad is clad in 22-carat gold and there are 53 diamonds studded in the shape of Apple Inc. logo. The 2.1kg gold iPad has been priced at around 130,000 pounds, much higher than the regular 600-pound model.

Stuart Hughes, who owns Goldstriker International, said that the gold iPad is a combination of the top of industry technology and unparalleled craftsmanship. He added that the new model will not go for mass production. According to Stuart Hughes, they would develop only ten such iPads.

Commenting on the gold iPad, Mr. Hughes said, “A magnificent combination of top-of-the-industry technology and unrivalled craftsmanship was invloved in creating this masterpiece.”

Last year, Stuart Hughes had created a diamond studded iPhone which was priced at whopping 2 million pounds. He also created a gold-plated games console Nintendo Wii 'Supreme' costing 300,000 pounds.

The gold iPad is expected to attract billionaires who always want to possess something different.