Triumph of Apple’s iPad prompts others to launch similar devices

The success of Apple’s iPad has been a source of envy as well as encouragement to potential players in the market.

Reports have emerged that network provider Verizon and search giant Google have been making joint efforts to create an iPad’s rival. A few months back, Google had publicized a video depicting how its potential tablet would look like.

Hardware giant Acer has reportedly been preparing to launch a Chrome OS–based tablet computer in less than 2 weeks time. Reports suggest that Acer could use Computex show in early June to show off its new device.

Meanwhile, Dell is going to launch its tablet device called Streak via AT&T. The Streak, which will be equipped with a 1-GHz processor, will try to challenge Apple’s iPad with its 5-inch screen, 5MP front-facing camera and 3G connectivity.

HP Slate was introduced at CES 2010 in January with many striking features such as 3MP camera, 1GB RAM, USB port and a 1024 x 600 widescreen display. Insiders reported that the device could be launched by the end of this year with minor alterations.

Micro-Star International is also said to be all set to launch a tablet as early as June. The device will get power from Nvidia Tegra chip. RIM also has plans to launch a tablet-like device with an 8.9-inch display soon.

Electronics firm Sony has already confirmed that it was preparing to create a tablet.

Confirming the reports, Mike Abary from Sony said, “We have been taking a deep look at developing a tablet for a number of years, not just because of Apple, but because it creates some interesting opportunities.”

Apple claimed that it sold more than one million units of iPad in just one-month period of launch.