Atlantis’ Spacewalk Interrupted By Power Loss

The partial power loss at the International Space Station interrupted the spacewalk of the shuttle for a brief moment. The loss of power also knocked out the robotic camera views of the two astronauts, who were working at installing a spare antenna.

Following the power loss that stretched for two hours, the station’s main command-and-control computer suddenly crashed hampering the 7 1/2-hour spacewalk by the crewmen of Atlantis, Garrett Reisman and Stephen Bowen.

Though the backup computer started, but the power to some equipment was lost temporarily. The power of the video monitors that were being used by the robot arm operator, Piers Sellers was also lost due to the power crash.

As per the reports, Reisman had rested on the end of the space station’s 58-foot robot arm, when the camera lost views, handled by Sellers. It was also reported that at the same time Bowen who was working with the connectors on the space station’s framework was asked to stop immediately.

Reports from NASA claim that in less than a half-hour everything got back to normal and none of the spacewalkers were in danger. The reports further explained that, the backup computer remained in charge.

However, the spacewalkers had to encounter a tough connector and refasten some of the bolts.

As per the sources, the 6-foot dish antenna and its boom were installed on the space station after a few hours.