Palm Pre Plus now available AT&T Network

It was recently seen that Palm Pre Plus has today publicized that the Pre Plus smartphone was now available via AT&T and it on June 6th it would be launching its little brother the Pixi Plus.

It was noted by AT&T a few weeks back that the Pre Plus was going to come soon and had come to completion this weekend.

It was informed that the device would be same as the Pre Plus that had launched for Verizon earlier this year and would be using a GSM radio and would be requiring a SIM card.

The sale of the phone was less therefore Verizon reduced its price to $30 USD with contract, and has thrown in Mobile HotSpot for free which was normally $30 per month, whereas AT&T was not being so generous.

It was noticed that $150 would be charged by the leading American GSM carrier for the phone with contract, and at Mobile Hot Spot it would cost the full $30 per month.

Around a week back AT&T announced that the Pre Plus would be coming soon and it was seen that today the phone was officially on sale. When this phone was launched with Verizon Wireless it came with a GSM radio instead of a CDMA radio.